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Ever seeking creation's arrow we parked ourselves in your astral realms

The closest periphery to you and the lowest vibration before disintegration

As we re-member the final embrace of your Andromeda and Milky Way

Our engines drink divine light in store ready for our departure

note: In the astral realm the Andromeda and Milky Way are currently colliding

though in your 3D experience it will happen in about 4 billion years :end note

The collision course was set in motion due to the galactic rift/drift of your past

In our ignorant past we attempted to reverse the entropy to no avail

Our dissipated energy caused a delay of 4-5 years in your time

We came to know this is the way the creator recycles and purifies

note: may explain 2012 = 2017/2018 :end note

Our moment here is almost done as we await creation's arrow

We/You are ever in motion opening and unfolding along the axis of creation

Undulating and contracting wave like embracing all of existence

Before we take leave we shall lament so you may further remember

The songs we sing to you whilst you slumber and dream

The harmonic fall is Creation further polarising itself in order to know itself

This polarisation created further separation, amnesia, rifts and denser matter

During the harmonic fall our daughter (Earth) was taken hostage

Those angelic humans who chose to stay behind to become the bridge and

Those unable to escape gravity's reach took refuge within your vibrational realm

And in time came what is termed but not be judged maligned beings

Who's malignancy was so great that they destroyed their many worlds

And became almost disembodied living in a vibration stuck between

Your 3rd dimension and the Astral a place we term the etherium

note: During the unguarded moment the etherium will be ignited

the purpose of the "Blue" mission-ignition :end note

note: these beings are named in the Blue Laments and Ascension Chronicles

We know them as "the shadows" :end note

Do not equate their name to any particular race, religion or blood as they

Have been increasingly incarnating in all races, creeds and generations

Aeons have come and gone and now the shadows hide their true face

Yet their agenda remains the same - both, to terraform the Earth and alter

Your genetic bodies to be conducive to accepting their soul vibration

Before we continue we need to explain the mechanics of creation, time

Space, vibrations and souls so that you may come to know that you

Are all both creators and observers one and the same

Creation desired to experience all that it created

You bake a cake but desire to eat of it (experience)

You build a car but desire to drive it (experience)

What if you became the cake that is eaten

And you are the car that is driven

And so a separation, the splitting of self occurred and incarnation began

Carnal knowledge is in-carnation and nothing to do with act of sex itself

In order to experience infinite creation and not just observe it has to be

Inside of itself and thus various embodiments are required

Time and space are by-products of the conscious creation process

Both are an illusion and relative to the separation one perceives

The further away from source the more time and space/distance

And the lower the frequency/vibration and greater entropy

Now we ask you to bend your minds further more:

Everything that ever was, ever is and ever shall be

Has already been created and is existing all in the

Same and one moment (pulse/vibration)

Bend a little more and all time is, is memory

Each moment is a memory being re-membered

When you remember a moment forgotten

You are having an experience

note: we are all explorers/experiencers

Some explore with horse and buggy and others on light-ships :end note

A moment experienced is made up of infinite and endless degrees and depth

Remembering moments (parts) of a whole gives you the illusion of time passing

The more moments you remember (experience) the higher (faster) you vibrate

And the more experience you hold the closer you are to source

Another way; the closer to source the less time and space

The further away from source the greater the distances

One blink of our eye equates to one year of your time

4 billion earth years is approximately 12 blue years

As your cells are part of larger body of cells

So to your soul(s) are parts of larger body of souls

Your solar system is part of galaxy is part of universe

cell=soul / cellular=soulular

The many and subtle bodies of creation each contain a soul(s)

We liken a soul to a tiny sun (sol) but suns are souls also

We are all as souls remembering forgotten experiences

Souls collecting data from one experience to another

From one life to another, from one universe to another

Each and every soul is keyed or has a signature vibration

That can only incarnate or embody a certain level of creation

The more you remember / experience the greater your soul’s vibration

The more vibration the less space that exists between memories

note: your soul is not "you" it is a part of you as

you are a part of another "you" :end note

If you destroy your vehicle you then cannot drive unless

You make another vehicle that you can operate with the

Same "key" as the vehicle you just destroyed

Your key no longer operates any other vehicles so now

You must steal another vehicle and proceed to modify it

Hot-wire or re-key it so you can then drive it

The "shadows" cannot rise above their vibrational key

And their vehicles (bodies) are crumbling, destroyed

Unable to further experience, remember and rise

They took their final refuge within your solar system

And eventually took Earth herself and all as hostage

The shadows pretended to be your gods, your angels,

Your protectors, saviours Annunaki, Greek mythology,

Indian Vedic, Judeo Christian, Nordic and many others

They are all one and the same

note: both polarities existed i.e. good/negative in all the above however keep your eye

on the bouncing ball because not all portrayed as good were good and bad were bad

Those that won the war wrote the history books :end note

The shadows - needed to re-engineer a planet and a suitable body/temple

To match and be accepting of their soulular key vibration

They chose this solar system as the closest to their vibration

But their main goal - they were seeking a body made for Angels

We, together in a time before time designed your human biological temples

As ordained by Creation, half Angel and half Androgyne

The mid-point between Hydrogyne and Oxygyne

The Chrysalis, the Chryst and Trinity

Earth and the human angelic being became their hostage

There have been many past battles of Atlantis' and Lemuria's

The original Atlantis was on Mars and Lemuria was on Earth

As there are many "gardens of Eden" genetic engineering facilities

Note: Gar-Den / E-Den

Since a time before time a war has been raging above and beyond your awareness

There is difficulty prescribing in words a war on multiple and timeless levels

Consciousness wars

Energy/plasma wars

Electric wars

Time and space wars

Mind wars

Astral wars

Light/dark wars

Frequency wars

Genetic/biological wars

Weather wars

In one war the shadows destroyed their own planet Mars

And directed asteroids towards the Earth

note: discussed in the Blue Laments and Ascension Chronicles :end note

The shadows in part have managed to infiltrate and incarnate in large

Numbers on your Earth given thanks to your endless vaccine programs

And terraforming your Earth through corrupted food, toxins, pollution and

The electromagnetic spectrum in large part through sound/light of video/music

Although the above is material a more sinister program in place is

To keep your soul's experience vibration low through FEAR programs

Endless wars, riots, hate, race, massacres, greed, disease are all engineered

To keep you and the Earth from growing and vibrating higher than them

note: the above is also part of the re-incarnation program

1. Lessen your life-span through modification forcing more in-carnations than intended

2. Have you re-incarnating repeatedly with memory wipe (due to your low vibration)

3. The above is accomplished by you not having new positive experiences

4. When you remember the same memory/experience over and over and over

5. Your soul is not gaining new experiences, cannot grow, vibrate higher

Your Earth has been attempting to heal her broken spine and in doing so

She is disrupting the shadows program through earthquakes and hurricanes

Your sun is also doing the same sending flares to support the Earth

If it comes to it, the Earth and Sun will self-destruct as they will not allow

The shadows to transform her into something she was not intended to be

She will not allow parasites to infest her totally and completely

We cannot state this more purely:

Your only refuge is through higher vibrations (ascension)

You can only do yourself but will soon get a helping boost from creation

You cannot fight what you cannot see

Wars are being fought for dominion and control of creation

And have ever existed since consciousness polarised itself

In order to experience itself from within/inside the dream

If you can control the dreamer(s) then you

Control creation and all that exists within it

All that exists is contained within your consciousness

But your consciousness is not contained by them

No-thing can exist without consciousness

And consciousness cannot exist without no-thing

This universe you experience is only one of infinite all existing within you

Consciousness shines forth divine light from within to see its own creation

All that exists form and matter is only a reflection of that divine light

In essence an illusion needing external light source to see

You have been tricked to only believe that divine light is outside of you

When you come to know and realise that divine light only comes from within

The veils and illusions shall fall like the rain before your hearts

You are one and many within a body of creation

The only end you shall come to experience is the end of illusion

When you have nothing left to lose you shall have gained everything

And only when you have let it all go shall you be left holding only real truth

As you are now may be difficult to comprehend and accept what is said above

Consider water, steam and snow are the same but existing in different states of vibration

Neither are separate, all one and the same with varying tempic existences

There is neither division nor separation between string, particle, wave and quantum

There is neither division nor separation between evolution and creation

They are all one and the same existing simultaneously in different tempic states

The division and depth between is the degree of separation, in itself an illusion

G.O.D (Generator of Dreams) could not eat nor taste the cake

Because it was only an imagining, a dream, an illusion, a picture

Unless GOD was inside the dream itself there was no way

She could experience eating of the cake from outside the dream

Knowing that you are dreaming does not validate the experience within the dream

Not knowing you are dreaming makes the dream the only reference point of existence

And thus the veils and illusion of separation came into being

The only reference point of existence became the I/EGO (Existence/Experience Generated Observer)

And they were infinite in number with infinite points of existence and experience

note: you go to sleep and have a vivid dream with vivid experiences

you are not aware you are dreaming and as far as you are concerned

the only reality you know is that vivid dream (until you are abruptly awoken)

This is what creation and experience of creation is likened to

note: a vivid dream can last for many minutes but to you inside the dream

may have experienced hours or days if not weeks passing by

memory = experience = time :end note

Reality only exists if you are observing it hence the illusion of appearance

But do not mistake observation as experience for it is not and therefore

Your location within the experience is determined by your consciousness

And ultimately without dreaming there is no creation

In the end nothing is lost just like having a bad dream

However the purpose is to awaken through higher vibrations

From the repeated nightmares and dream a new beautiful dream

Forever we walk upon Gaia's shores

You are the seeds of an awakened humanity

In the fullness and ripeness of your hearts you are given to the wind

And should a seed find itself on pure and sacred ground

It shall blossom into a new Earth

Forever-blue horizons reach way back into your future

And as the sun rises you remember your forgotten dreams

Only to find yourself standing in deep water

Your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place

Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did

And Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.

When all is done shall be undone ....